Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy embodies a client-centered, solutions-focused approach that is both collaborative and introspective.

My approach to coaching is rooted in my belief that we all possess boundless potential. A commitment to personal development is critical to peak performance and overall well-being. My clients are committed to improving their personal or professional lives and I support them on their journey with wisdom, insight, and encouragement,

Within organizations, I support individuals and teams to navigate the demanding internal and external challenges in the work environment. We explore roadblocks that may exist to reach performance expectations. The coaching process helps clients and teams uncover blind spots and identify skills, mindsets, and dispositions that improve the work environment, leading to individual and team success. With coaching support, clients focus on high-level communication and impactful decision-making.

What My Clients Are Saying

Sharon was instrumental in helping me think critically about my strengths and weaknesses and clarified some of the chronic issues that I have faced in managing my business. She helped me to identify obstacles impeding my progress and instructed me to identify, set and execute goals. She helped me to understand the degree to which discipline, mindfulness and acknowledging my tendencies enabled me to elevate my performance. I recently acquired a new company thanks, in part, to her guidance. She is driven, inspirational and made a positive difference in my life.


My primary goal in engaging her was to raise the bar of performance, reduce conflict and build a stronger team. After some initial pushback from my staff, they began to request one-to-one meetings with her. Her work transformed my team and made the workplace a more positive and trusting environment. In addition, she helped me to be a better leader, a more effective boss, and to create boundaries with staff. She has a strong intuition about people and the ability to inspire positive change.

— DV , Lawyer

Over the course of the last ten years, Dr. Amato has played an integral role in my growth and development in leadership and this is mainly due to her masterful ability to coach and council.  What I have found to be most impressive is her capacity to sift through the details and get to the root of the underlying issue.  Dr. Amato listens actively and offers genuine, sound guidance which is such an important aspect of effective coaching.  After our discussions, I gain clarity and feel empowered to move forward in a proactive manner. Dr. Amato‚Äôs greatest strength is her ability to offer honesty with sensitivity and compassion in discussions that lead to solutions and continuous improvement.

— DB, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

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